Friday, May 25, 2018

May 25, 2018

Upcoming dates/Reminders:

  • Monday- No School for Memorial day
  • Tuesday-  Celebration with Ruff Readers.
  • Tuesday- Field day in the afternoon at Southside.  Be sure to send your child with a water bottle.
  • Wednesday- Tetrahedron kites in the morning.  We are set with volunteers.  
  • Thursday- Last full day of school.  Send your child with a bag to bring home all of the goodies in the lockers and desk.  :)
  • Thursday- Presenting biography posters
  • Thursday- Baseball game with the varsity team
  • Friday- Final chapel at 10:45.  Feel free to come worship with us!
  • Friday- Last day of school.  Dismissal is at 11:30.  Your child will come home with a report card and a baton.  
  • All books (both for my library and Pine Ridge library) are due back to school.  
A few pictures of the week:
Gathering supplies for our biography posters

Laying out our biography posters

Learning about pitch with tuning forks in Science

Making harps in Science

Testing the different pitch of the strings

Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

Upcoming Dates/Reminders:

  • Homework:  Word Work is officially done due to the fact that I need to give a final spelling inventory to the class next week.  I will ask for reading minutes yet next week but math homework will be extra credit.
  • All library books are due back to the library.
  • My classroom books can keep going back and forth.  However, if you child has several at home please have them start returning them to school.
  • May 25 (Friday):  Tetrahedron Kites.  Several students still need to bring in tissue paper for this project.  I am all set with volunteers on this day.  Thank you!
  • May 28 (Monday):  No School for Memorial Day
  • May 29 (Tuesday):  Ruff Reader Celebration
  • May 29 (Tuesday) Field day in the afternoon.  Please send your child with a water bottle!
  • May 30 (Wednesday):  Tetrahedron Kites.  Once again I am all set with volunteers.
  • May 30 (Wednesday):  Class cursive party
  • May 30 (Wednesday):  Sound Demonstration at the High School.  This ties in nicely with our Science unit.  We will be out of the building from 11:00-12:00.
  • May 31 (Thursday):  Baseball game 
  • May 31 (Thursday):  Send your child with a bag to bring home all of the treasures from his/her desk and locker.
  • June 1 (Friday):  Last day of 3rd grade.  Join us for our final chapel at 10:45.  Your child will be coming home with a report card and baton.  We will dismiss at 11:30.

Curriculum Highlights:
Convocation:  What a great morning of worshipping God as a student body!

Literacy:  We are busy reading biographies and looking at the life and time of another person.  Next week we will begin biography posters.  In writing we have finished our rough drafts of How I See God and we will begin our final copy next week. 

Math:  We are wrapping up our final unit of geometry, area, and perimeter and will take our final assessment next week.

Bible:  We looked at the story of Caleb, Joshua, and the 10 other spies looking over the promised land.  We acted out a reader's theatre of the story and wrote about it in the perspective of an Israelite child.  We have also been spending a lot of time in devotions lately with song and prayer.

Science:  We have begun  our final unit called Light and Sound.  This unit has a lot of fun experiments with it and we enjoyed learning how light travels in a straight line, how light reflects from one thing to another, and how light interacts with our eye.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 10, 2018

Upcoming Dates/Reminders:
  • Homework next week:  We will resume reading minutes, math due on Friday, work work with a test on Friday, and Bible memory.  
  • Delta Testing:  I will need to take a day next week and give this assessment.  It should not take long and we will do it on a morning when the kids seem rested and ready to go.
  • May 15 (Tuesday):  End of the year convocation at the high school.  Come and worship with us at 9:00.
  • May 18 (Friday):  All school library books are due back. 
  • May 25: Tetrahedron Kites.  I am all set with volunteers.  Thank you for your willingness to help!
  • May 28 (Monday):  Memorial Day
  • May 29 (Tuesday): Celebration with our Ruff Reader Volunteers
  • May 29 (Tuesday):  Field day in the afternoon
  • May 30 (Wednesday):  Tetrahedron Kites.  Once again, I am set with volunteers.  Thank you!
  • May 31 (Thursday):  Last full day.  Send your child with a bag to bring home all of the goodies from his/her desk!  Some kids have A LOT to bring!  :)
  • June 1:  Last day.  This is a half day and dismissal is at 11:30.  Feel free to join us for our final chapel at 10:45.  
  • All-Start baseball game:  This is happening!  However, we are dependent on the players exam schedule and tournament schedule.  It will likely be one of the afternoons of our last week of school.

Tulip Time Pictures:
Ready to go!

Heading to the beginning of the parade route

Waiting to line up

Have a wonderful weekend!   To all of the fabulous moms....Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 4, 2018

May 4, 2018

Upcoming Dates/Reminders:
  • Homework next week:  We are going to take the week off from everything with Tulip Time.  
  • May 9 (Wednesday):  Tulip Time.  We will dismiss at 11:30
  • May 10 (Thursday):  We will be marching in the Kinderparade.  See attachment to email.
  • May 15 (Tuesday):  End of the year convocation.  We will be gathering at 9:00 at the High School to close the school year as an entire student body.  Come and join us as we praise the Lord!
  • May 25:  Tetrahedron Kites.  I need several volunteers this afternoon!  If you are able to help please send me an email.
  • May 28 (Monday):  No School.  Labor Day.
  • May 29 (Tuesday):  Field day in the afternoon.
  • May 30:  Tetrahedron Kites from 8:30-10:00.  Once again I could use a few volunteers.  
  • June 1 (Friday):  Last day of School.  We will dismiss at 11:30.  (Insert Mrs. Stielstra's tears!
Curriculum Highlights:
Math:  We are busy finding the area and perimeter in different shapes.  We are also learning how to find side lengths.  We are working carefully and trying to remember that perimeter is the outer edge and area is inside a shape.  This takes careful work and reading!

Language Arts:  We are close to wrapping up our mystery book clubs!  I love listening to the kids discuss their books and they are doing a wonderful job of digging deep into the text for their teaching points each day too.  In writing we have begun our rough drafts on how we see God in creation and in the Bible.  There will be no word work next week.

Social Studies:  This week we looked at the pioneers as they started to make their way to Michigan.  We looked at what life was like for the pioneers and how they traveled in the wagon trains.  We also looked at the log cabins that they lived in.

Bible: We learned about the tabernacle the Israelites build this week.  We went outdoors and created the dimensions of the Holy Place.  We then pretended to be the tribes of Israel and pack up the tabernacle to move to the next location.  We talked about how the tabernacle was always in the center of the camp and how God desires to be in the center of our lives as well.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2018

April 27, 2018

Upcoming Dates/Reminders:
  • Homework next week includes reading minutes due on Monday, math page due on Friday, and word work with a test on Friday.
  • MAPS testing:  We will take our final MAPS test (Math) next week Wednesday.  The kids were troopers this week and took their time with the first two assessments.  
  • May 9 (Wednesday): Dismissal at 11:30 for Tulip Time.
  • May 10 (Thursday):  We will be walking in the Kinderparade.  See attachment to email.
  • May 15 (Tuesday):  End of the year Convocation.  Join us at 9:00 in the High School gym as we wrap up the school year with the entire student body.  
  • May 28 (Monday)- Memorial Day.  No school
  • May 29 (Tuesday)- Field  Day in the afternoon
  • June 1 (Friday)- Last day of School.  This is a half day.
  • *Dates for tetrahedron kites will be added soon!*

Curriculum Highlights:
Math:  As you can see from the photo below, we have been busy learning all about polygons.  We are getting good at these definitions and today we began working with area and perimeter.

Literacy:  In reading we are working our way through our final week of mystery book clubs.  I love listening to the discussion groups debate with each other on their opinions and theories!  In writing we continue to work on a piece called How I Know God Is Real.  This week we drafted different ways we see God in the Bible.

Bible:  We looked closely this week at the tabernacle that the Israelites built for God.  We talked about how God desires for us to spend time with him each day and how it is important for us as Christians to also gather and spend time with other believers.  We also looked at the furnishing in the tabernacle and what each item meant to the Israelites.

Social Studies:  We finished studying the French Voyageurs this week as we looked at their relationship with the Native Americans.  We have begun studying the arrival of the British and how this impacts the relationships with those already in Michigan.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2018

April 20, 2018

Upcoming Dates/Reminders:
  • Reading minutes are due Monday, Math homework is due Friday, and a word work test will be given on Friday.
  • MAP Testing:  I will be giving the final MAP's tests the week of April 30.  We will do reading on May 1, Language on May 2, and Math on May 3.  These tests will all be given in the morning so please make sure your child is on time and ready to go.  
  • Tulip Time:  We have half days of school on Wednesday, May 9 and Thursday May 10.  On Wednesday your child will dismiss at 11:30.   On Thursday your child will be walking in the Kinderparade.  He or she will need to wear a dutch costume for this.  Your child will need a sack lunch that day.  We will stay at school after the dismissal, eat lunch, be bused to the parade route, walk in the parade, and then you can pick your child up from me at the end of the route.  I will send a map of where your child will be marching in the line-up as well as a letter with more detail in the next couple of weeks.  
  • End of the year convocation:  9:00 at the High school.  Please come and join us as we worship as an entire student body
  • MUSIC NOTE FROM MRS. BOER - Performance and Assessment Day for recorders is quickly approaching. Your child was sent home with a list of songs from which they may choose to play. Please remind your child to choose a song and to practice. The progress report given at the end of the year will be a culmination of the recorder learning that has been our focus this semester.

Curriculum Highlights:
Math:  We finished our unit on fractions this week.  Your child is coming home with the test today.  We have begun our final unit dealing with polygons, area, and perimeter.

Literacy:  We are working our way through mystery book clubs.  The kids are busy reading each day and also recording their reading in their all star books for the varsity baseball game.  In writing we have begun a persuasive essay called How I know God is Real.

Bible:  Today we concluded our unit on God's law with a fun game of Bible Jeopardy!  We will continue to follow the Israelites as God shows them the importance of worship with building the tabernacle.  We have been journaling as if we were Israelite children making our way through the desert.  We are learning Acts 2:1-4 for Bible memory.

Social Studies:  This week we looked at the Native American tribes that were in Michigan (The Three Fires) and their impact as the French arrived.  We talked about legends, the importance of the French Voyageurs, and recalled what we were taught from the Outdoor Discovery Center.

Friday, April 13, 2018

April 13

Upcoming Dates/Reminders:

  • Homework:  Reading minutes are due Monday.  Math homework is due Friday.  Word work test will be given on Friday.  Acts 2:1-4 is our new Bible memory.
  • All-Star Reading:  Any reading minutes at home can also likely apply to your child's all star reading.  Everyone is busy filling in innings in their books and a few have already completed five innings which is the requirement to play a baseball game with the varsity baseball team.  We will schedule the game for the end of May.
  • Wednesday, April 18:  POD Service Trip.  We will be going to serve at various organizations with our POD groups around Holland in the afternoon.  We will be out of the building from approx. 1:00-3:00.  
Highlights in Photos:
Devotions:  Since the last post we have finished student led devotions.  Eddie, Charlotte, and Davina, and Eddie finished strong for us.  The kids loved this time!

Outdoor Discovery Field trip: We had a wonderful day learning about the Native Americans, the French Voyagers, an the history of Michigan.  It was a bit chilly but we enjoyed archery, learning how to make a fire, and dressing like a voyager.  Here are a few pictures from our day.

Have a wonderful weekend!